OPEN MIC NIGHT – Presented to you by UHMSA

  UHMSA is hosting its second annual Open Mic Night! Come out to a #LIVE event with Rap, Spoken Word, Singing, Comedy and much more! To sign up for a performance, tell us here: It’s no coincidence that this is before Showdown Feel free to practice a performance that […]


UHMSA Showdown Shirts   Recently updated !

HERE THEY ARE THE UHMSA SHOWDOWN SHIRTS YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! Fill out this form to receive your shirt!! THIS FORM IS DUE WEDNESDAY MARCH 18th by MIDNIGHT! Everyone will be wearing them. Make sure you are too! Payment is due to any UHMSA officer by Tuesday March 24th or […]


  ARE YOU READY FOR ANOTHER AWESOME UH MSA GBM? Just a few more weeks until SHOWDOWN, and you need to be there to REPRESENT YOUR TOWNNN! Come learn about our upcoming events, find out everything you need to know about SHOWDOWN, and be ready to sign-up! And of course, […]



UH MSA | Character of a Believer with Br. Ammar AlShukry

  Our beloved Prophet (saw) said: “For sure I was sent to perfect good character”. How do we attain good character? How do we perfect our character? Why is the one who embodies good character promised a high place in Jannah, even if he/she is lacking in good deeds? This […]

How to Register for Walkathon   Recently updated !

Link for registration:   Instructions on how to register:  



Chapel Hill Shooting Silent Vigil

  Join us in remembering the three Muslim students – Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha, and Razan Abu-Salha – who were murdered at their condominium complex near University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. This tragic events hurts us as Muslim students attending college, knowing that this can really happen to any […]

UH MSA | Game Night !!!!

  We’re taking your Monday to the next level. FREE Bowling, ping pong, pool, snacks, random arcade games, this is what your Monday needs. This is what you deserve. Bring yourself, your friends and some snacks. Everyone you know. It’s GAME NIGHT. Take a break and stop by…no excuses.   […]



1st Spring GBM | Field Day with UH MSA!

  Salam and welcome back to a new semester COOGS! YES, the event is as amazing as it sounds. Are you ready to join us on the FIRST FIELD DAY OF THE YEAR?! Come out and see what UH MSA has prepared for you this semester. A bunch load of […]

UHMSA Public Speaking 101 ft. Atif Mahmud

  According to a few studies, many people are afraid of PUBLIC SPEAKING more than they’re afraid of death. Well this Friday we are going to change the way you see public speaking. UH MSA is bringing you one of Houston’s best speakers on the topic of Public Speaking/Khutbahs: Atif […]



UH MSA and PSA Professional Networking Dinner   Recently updated !

  Salam everyone! UH MSA and PSA present an evening of networking with professionals from all different backgrounds! We have invited and confirmed some amazing professionals from business companies, engineering companies, medical schools, pharmacy schools and more! ALL MAJORS are welcomed to attend! You can speak to professionals who have […]