Officer Spotlights

Officer Spotlight: Bassant El-Shazly

It’s Bassant El-Shazly, our Showdown Coordinator!! Not only is Bassant our newest addition to the amazing MSA officer base, she’s also extremely ecstatic all the time, bringing out the energy in everyone! She’s been doing an awesome job handling all of the tedious LSC Showdown paperwork, submissions, and travel logistics! But wait, there’s a lot more […]



Officer Spotlight: Zainab Mabizari

Zainab is our Ansar and Muhajirun Project Coordinator. She has been doing an amazing job coordinating events that can teach you how to be successful in school. She’s a brilliant Pre-Med student, so her advice is super beneficial (say mashaAllah)! Whether it’s a study skills workshop, a time management advice session, or a professional’s dinner, Zainab is […]


Officer Spotlight: Eman Abdulalim

Eman Abdulalim is our Secretary/Webmaster! Some of you may have seen our AWESOME MSA website (If you haven’t, it’ Eman Abdulalim spends long, tiring hours working on updating our website, sending out weekly newsletters, and… oh yeah, she’s also our secretary, redirecting people to the right place and helping to take notes at our officer meetings. […]