Officer Spotlight: Mohamad Daas

Officer Spotlight: Mohamad Daas

Mohamad Daas is our logistics manager in the MSA. He is probably the most behind-the-scenes officer in our whole officer base. He goes above and beyond the normal expectations of his position in that… he never takes any credit for his hard work. As logistics manager, Mohamad is responsible for our purchases for the MSA. That’s right – anything you’ve had to eat or drink comes from some purchase from anywhere around Houston that Mohamad has made. Had it not been for Mohamad this year, EVERY single event that we’ve had would not have any food or snacks for anyone! The best part is that he does all of this with a giant smile on his face.

If you’re ever looking for him and you actually find him, you’re one of the luckiest people out there! Be sure to give him, as per our khutbah by Ammar Ash-Shukry today, a giant JAZAKALLAHU KHAYRAN and a smile to match his own



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