Islam Week

Islam Week is an annual event hosted by the UHMSA that is held on campus grounds. For each year, we have a certain theme/message that we want to convey to the general public. The purpose of Islam Week is to promote Islam and Muslims in a positive light. It is not only a way to spread the message of Islam, but also to engage students of all backgrounds in conversation. We aim to clear stereotypes, give direct AND indirect da’wah, and help our fellow classmates increase their knowledge about Islam, its practices, foundations and people. Last year, we had a day dedicated to “Breaking Bad Habits.” By using the ingenious title, our MSA table was able to attract several hundreds of students​ and engage them in conversation. As they shared their bad habits on the poster board, we realized that though we may come from different backgrounds, we are all essentially the same. The UHMSA’s goal isn’t as simple as bringing “shared experiences” to light. Our goal is to illustrate and embody the teachings of Islam and spread the right message to the best of our abilities.