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About the UHMSA

Established in 1964, the UHMSA was founded as a place for Muslim students attending the University of Houston from all backgrounds and cultures to make friends and find a supportive community. The UHMSA seeks to create a strong unified Muslim student body as well as contribute to bettering our community through public service and outreach programs. Through our community efforts, the UHMSA aims to educate and inform the at large community what Islam truly teaches and what being a Muslim is all about. 


Our Current Officers
Spring 2018

Prayer on Campus

The University of Houston is known for its diversity and in doing so has allowed the UHMSA to have special places to pray on campus.

DUHR: 2:00 PM

ASR: 4:00 PM

MAGHRIB: ~6:00 PM (Dependent on Sunset)

ISHA: 7:30 PM


  • Library Basement (Regular prayers will be held here)
  • 5th floor Brown Wing (If you prefer a more quiet spot to pray or rest)

Jummah Prayer

Every Friday, UHMSA reserves the 2nd floor A.D. Bruce Religion Building for Jummah prayers. 


First Jummah
1:30 pm RB Atrium

Second Jummah
3:00 pm RB Small Chapel

LOCATION: 3800 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77004



UHMSA hosts a ton of events! Check out the calendar to see whats coming up! Hope to see you there!


Ansar Muhajireen Project

The Ansar Muhajireen Project, or better known as AMP was created to provide a great college experience for incoming students, such as offering a mentor/mentee program designed to partner more experienced college students with newer incoming students, making the idea of college an easier trip for those nervous and unsure of how to navigate. AMP also hosts many events such as career professional panels and team based exercises.

Interested in AMP?

If you would like to sign up to be a part of one of the best programs on campus and have a mentor you can do so here!

If you would like to take someone under your wing and become a mentor for a student or two, you can do so here! We are always looking for volunteers!


One of UHMSA's major functions is its continuing drive for education, whether it is Islamic, career, or historical knowledge. Often times, UHMSA will host a speaker or create a panel of guests who are more than willing to educate young Muslims. Along with speakers, UHMSA is a strong advocate for interfaith work as well as any opportunity to educate the community about Islam such as our weekly Dawah Table. 

Dawah Table

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, UHMSA hosts a Dawah Table, a stop for people going to class to learn about Islam, offering any information and brochures for those curious about Islam. 


Tuesday 11:00 am - 2:00 pm at the PGH Breezeway

Wednesday 11:00 am - 2:00 pm at the PGH Breezeway


UH MSA takes pride in our members, and no greater tradition exemplifies the talented students that make up our MSA than Showdown! Take your hobby, skill, or talent to another level by competing with other MSAs in Texas for a weekend of jam packed competition, networking, and school spirit. Join the tradition! Register for Showdown!


Time to register for Showdown! If you are interested in Showdown (Why wouldn't you be? It's AMAZING) You can register here! Early registration gets you a long sleeve t-shirt included in the package so hurry up and sign up!

Any and all other information you might need is right in these links! If you have any questions scroll on down to the social media tab on this site to shoot the officers a question! We would love to help! 




If you have any questions we are here to help! Just shoot us an email below! Also check out our social media! If you are interested in sponsoring an MSA event or a general body meeting you can do so through the form as well! We are always checking it everyday and promise to help you out ASAP!

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UHMSA runs on donations from around the community to provide for and offer many services to students. If you or your organization would be interested in supporting the UHMSA in its efforts, you can do so with these links below. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. 


UHMSA has a wide range of social media! Follow us to see what is going on! We would love to have you at our events!